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Weight & Cardio Room Orientation

Weight & Cardio Room / 14-15 Year Olds Orientation

These orientations are designed to give you the understanding of how to use the machines in the Weight & Cardio rooms. Instead of stumbling around, let our staff teach you the proper use of the those machines. You will leave this orientation with all the knowledge and confidence required to use the equipment in the Weight and Cardio Rooms. No personal workouts will be discussed during this orientation. For a complete personal workout, contact one of our Personal Trainers.

  • To schedule an Adult Orientation, email Tasha at
  • All 14-15 year olds must attend the 14-15 Year Old Orientation to use the Weight/Cardio Rooms.
  • To register for the 14-15 Year Old Orientation, click on the link below. Fee is $12
  • 13 & Under may NOT use Weight or Cardio Rooms

Any questions or concerns, email Tasha.