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An empty indoor basketball court with wood flooring and basketball hoops at either end.

The gym includes an NBA size basketball court which encompasses two high school size courts and 6 Pickleball courts, permanent seating on two sides, and a movable divider that separates the two courts.

Check the weekly schedule outside the gym for open times.

Members and day pass holders may walk or jog around the perimeter of the gym in appropriate footwear (except during pickleball and basketball camps). One mile is thirteen times around the gym.

There are many activities that use our gym. A  monthly schedule is posted on the gymnasium doors for all the activities. Below is a schedule of open play basketball. The schedule is subject to change at anytime.

No individual or team coaching or use of cones unless courts are reserved. Courts are $30/Hoop per hour.

Hoop Reservations

  • During busy times, court reservations will only be allowed when all 6 courts are in use. 
  • To rent a hoop, contact Jacque.

Open Play Basketball Schedule

  • No full court games when the courts are busy.
  • Schedule subject to change without notice.
Day of WeekCourt 1Court 2
Monday5-8 am & 12:30-9:45 pm5-8 am & 12:30-3 pm
Tuesday5-8 am & 12:30-5 pm5-8 am & 12:30-3 pm
Wednesday12:30-6:30 pm5-8 am & 12:30-3 pm
Thursday5-8 am & 12:30-5 pm5-8 am & 12:30-3 pm
Friday5-8 am & 12:30-6:30 pm5-8 am & 12:30-5:30 pm
Saturday7 am-7:45 pm7 am-7:45 pm
Sunday12:00-4:45 pm3:15-4:45 pm


  • Intermediate play is every Monday/7:15-9:30 pm & Sunday/12-3 pm.
  • Registration is required for these days. Ages 15 and up. Register Here
  • All level play is Wednesday and Friday's from 6:30-9:30 pm. No registration is required. Ages 14 and up
  • Players need to set up and take down the nets, please.


Open play and league information posted on our Pickleball page.

Gymnasium Rules 
  • Dry clothing & athletic footwear required. NO SWIMSUITS or FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS
  • Foul language or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Drinks are permitted in non glass, spill-proof containers.
  • No Food.
  • Children 9 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No amplified music (No speakers or phones can play music) Headphones must be used at all times
  • Other rules may be enforced for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

Free day-use cellphone/wallet lockers are now available for use in the gymnasium to safeguard your valuables.

  1. Place your item(s) into locker and close door
  2. Select a combination & turn the dial to the “lock” position
  3. Scramble the dial
  4. To OPEN, enter the combination from step #2 and turn the dial to the “open” position

NOTICE: Lockers WILL be emptied every evening