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Roots Basketball

We are so excited to introduce the Roots Basketball at our facililty. Join Coach Maddy as she brings her programs here..

Community Basketball will be every Monday and Wednesday from 4-5 PM. Ages are 9-14 years old. This is designed for athletes new to basketball or those who enjoy a more laid back environment while learing fundamentals. To register, click on link below

AAU Prep Camp is for ages 10-14. They play 2x/week. This is designed for athletes who are familiar with basketball but want to expand their skills and prepare to play competitively. $80/month. Contact Maddy to register.

Roots AAU Team is for 6-8th grades. Practices are 2-3x/week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. This is designed for athletes ready to be challenged and will play in competitive leagues and tournaments. Contact Maddy to register

To contact Coach Maddy, call or text at 801-706-5817 or email