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KOPFC Board Members

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by residents of the Oquirrh Recreation and Parks District. The Board is comprised of 3 members who are responsible for setting goals, budgets, policy and procedures.

Public Hearing Notice for Dec 6, 20232023 Election Notice
Adopted Standards & Values 

The District has adopted standards and values regarding the manner in which its employees should conduct themselves as they work and interact with their co-workers and the District’s patrons.

  • The District’s Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing the organization’s standards and values. All employees are expected to adhere to the ethical standards and values of the District. These include honesty, integrity, responsibility, fairness, hard work, dedication, friendliness, and courtesy.
  • The District’s Board of Trustees and employees are accountable to the community and pledge to be fiscally responsible.
  • The District’s first priority is to provide excellent customer service to every patron. Input from customers provides the feedback necessary to improve the quality of services.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Either fill out a comment/suggestions card from the front desk, or send us an email at: We love happy patrons!!!