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Coach Bo Fitness and Nutrition, LLC

Position: Personal Trainer
A man with muscular arms, wearing a gray tank top, is crossing his arms and smiling against a white background.

Coach Bo Fitness and Nutrition, LLC  is certified through The International Sports Sciences Association as a Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. His own personal experience in bodybuilding has given him extensive knowledge of training for muscle growth and fat loss. Having tried many different training methods throughout his time in the gym, he understands how to design programs specific to an individual client’s goals and preferences. He has a great understanding of nutrition, and how diet can impact both body composition and overall health. He loves working with clients that are interested in building muscle, losing fat, or just improving general fitness and health.

Services Offered

  • In-Person Gym Sessions
  • Personalized Weekly Workout Programs
  • Nutrition Consultations